About Me

My name is Kathryn (Kate) Harris and I am an astronomer, originally from England, studying observational cosmology, in particular, AGN.

I am currently working at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA with Professor Duncan Farrah.

Research Interests

I am currently looking at star formation in high redshift quasars using 
SDSS BOSS DR9 cataloguer and Herschel imaging survey. 

By stacking the FIR images, selected using various quasar optical properties (such as redshift, absolute I band luminosity, BALnicity etc) we can investigate the relation between the quasar and the host galaxy star formation.

My current research also includes

- Using galaxy cluster simulations to study the intra-cluster light, looking for differences in the distributions of disk and halo stars.

My previous research includes:

- Ultra-strong UV FeII emission in AGN

- Large scale structure using large quasar groups

As I travel whenever I can, I also keep a blog of my travels here.


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